The really important problem with food waste

Cutting food waste is possible for every meal we eat or prepare or are served (see our published work demonstrating this here). While this sounds so simple to achieve the practicalities of doing it are lost in a cacophony of claims and counterclaims that tend to focus on ‘the conspiracy of supermarket powers’, consumers ‘insistence’ on perfectly formed fruits and most of the food ‘grown’ on farms is wasted anyway. The evidence for all of these things is doubtful at best, impossible to find and it leads consumers into a sense of ‘what difference does it make anyway’. Just when we were beginning to realise positive messaging can change wasteful behaviours, the last resort and the bottom of the barrel for many a futile effort, blaming the younger generation for wasting most food, has been scraped. The actual supply chain data really does lead us away from these very reactive strategies consumers find themselves trying to interpret. So how and why is this misinformation on food waste actually created?

Source: The really important problem with food waste | LinkedIn