Food Insights and Sustainability Research @NCFM

  • We are pioneering a food sustainability revolution
  • We project how food and drink is purchased and consumed
  • Our consumer research integrates the sustainability of food and drink
  • Our research places food responsibility into the marketplace
  • Our impact is measured by our innovation in new product development
  • FIS is transforming manufacturing and retailing operation
  • FIS methods create value driven changes in our food industry

Current research at FIS @NCFM

New directions for food and beverage NPD

Wayne Martindale, Tom Hollands and Mark Swainson discuss recent advances in newproduct development (NPD) that use digital platforms to analyse a wide variety of datato achieve ‘meta-solutions’ that address all aspects of a product’s performance. The reality of a 21st century lifestyle is that we work and consume in a globalised food system that has raised living standards and increased longevity …

Blockchain or bust for the food industry?

Tom Hollands, Wayne Martindale, Mark Swainson and John G. Keogh explore the benefits and pitfalls of Blockchain. There has recently been a wave of enthusiasm for applying Blockchain technology in the food sector. This article aims to clarify many of the questions surrounding Blockchain technologies, in particular: is Blockchain the future for the food industry …

Shelf life – the essential mix of sprint, hurdle and steeplechase strategy for any foods business

The shelf life of products is more of a sprint at times but it can quickly change to a sprint with hurdles at any given point and a long term strategy is essential.  The ability to go from steeple chase to hurdles to sprint is an asset to any food company in getting shelf life …