Dr Wayne Martindale PhD FIS @NCFM

I have delivered sustainability research since 1998 with some of our best known food brands. I started out in technical communications and external affairs at Levington Agriculture and have worked at CSIRO Australia and the OECD Paris. I trained as a management apprentice with British Sugar plc, Bush Boake Allen Group and Ford Motor Company Ltd in the 1980’s, my doctorate in biochemistry was awarded in 1993 at the University of Sheffield.

Previous projects

  1. Iglo Launches Forever Food Together to Tackle Food Waste. Frozen Food producer Iglo Group has launched Forever Food Together, a European wide sustainability initiative aimed at tackling food waste. The company will highlight the key role that freezing and frozen food can play as […]
  2. How we helped Quorn Foods improve their sustainability and save over £1m.
    Quorn Foods, the global market leader in meat-alternative foods, has found a way to reduce its impact on the planet while also delivering £1million plus savings – by working with us on its approach to sustainability.
  3. CNN- Is a vegetarian diet better for the planet? We’re increasingly encouraged to eat less meat to tackle climate change. But can we really label vegetables as more
  4. Is our passion for avocados killing the environment? The soft creamy flesh of a ripe avocado makes an attractive and healthy addition to many of our shopping baskets. Smashed,
    crushed or sliced…

Selected publications

A full publication list is available from my ORCID ID page

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